Research Labs

The Building and Environment Research group has two research labs.

  • Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Lab (RSI Lab)
  • Concrete Technology Lab

Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Lab (RSI Lab)

The RSI Lab, directed by Associate Professor Yonas Zewdu Ayele, conducts research to address the emerging challenges related with resilience and sustainability of infrastructure, with primary applications in road networks and green transportation.

Our multi-disciplinary research involves integrating real-time transport data, cost variables, information, and transport models to predict the post-disaster infrastructure recovery, by assessing the robustness and rapidity of the system.

Aim of the RSI Lab

The aim of the Lab is to leverage the state-of-the-art computational tools and Bayesian methods to develop models for resilient and sustainable infrastructures systems. Our research aims in using resources efficiently and effectively to provide sustainable and to make transportation greener.

The RSI Lab conducts research to design advanced, complicated, and integrated transport infrastructures, and future needs by reviewing the recent research & development, as well as the innovative technologies.