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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Akerbæk, Tore Marius Assistant Professor +4769608399
Andreassen, Karoline University College Teacher +4769608475
Bjørn, Marie Hultman Assistant Professor
Bostrøm, Edgar Associate Professor +4769608246 +4790012142
Picture of Tina Helene Bunæs Bunæs, Tina Helene Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608308
Bøe, Hans Olav Higher Executive Officer +4769608035 +4791193484
Picture of Klaudia Carcani Carcani, Klaudia Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608276 Participatory Design, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Interaction Design, Patient Empowerment, Healthcare Technologies
Picture of Sukalpa Chanda Chanda, Sukalpa Associate Professor +4769608207
Picture of Ricardo Colomo-Palacios Colomo-Palacios, Ricardo Professor +4769608291
Picture of Selina Demi Demi, Selina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Thi Thuy Nga Dinh Dinh, Thi Thuy Nga Associate Professor +4769608208
Picture of Thi Thuy Nga Dinh Dinh, Thi Thuy Nga Associate Professor +4769608208
Picture of Marius Geitle Geitle, Marius Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608112
Picture of Øystein Haugen Haugen, Øystein Professor +4769608146 +4791390914 Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Modeling, UML, SDL, Product Lines, Real-time Systems
Heide, Christian Fredrik Associate Professor +4769608275 +4748053640
Picture of Vigdis Holen Holen, Vigdis Professor +4769608280
Picture of Harald Holone Holone, Harald Dean +4769608281 +4791193486
Picture of Monica Kristiansen Holone Holone, Monica Kristiansen Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608298 +4740870335
Picture of Jan Høiberg Høiberg, Jan Associate Professor +4769608282
Johansen, Stig Henning Assistant Professor +4769608188