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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Joakim Karlsen Karlsen, Joakim Associate Professor +4769608289
Picture of Alireza Khakpour Khakpour, Alireza Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lars Emil Skrimstad Knudsen Knudsen, Lars Emil Skrimstad Assistant Professor +4769608424 +4791684545
Picture of Einar von Krogh Krogh, Einar von Assistant Professor +4769608299
Kværnberg, Robin Nikolaj Walløe Apprentice +4769608468
Picture of An Ngoc Lam Lam, An Ngoc Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608444 Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Modeling, UML, Semantic Web
Picture of Jens-Patrick Andre Bjerk Langstrand Langstrand, Jens-Patrick Andre Bjerk Assistant Professor +4769608268
Picture of Cathrine Linnes Linnes, Cathrine Associate Professor +4769608099
Lundsveen, Michael Andersen Staff Engineer +4769608405
Picture of Lars Vidar Magnusson Magnusson, Lars Vidar Associate Professor +4769608312
Picture of Georgios Marentakis Marentakis, Georgios Associate Professor +4769608398 HCI, Interaction Design, Sound and Music Computing
Meinich, Karsten Tahsin Buyukakan Assistant Professor +4769608349
Misund, Gunnar Associate Professor +4769608318 +4792462431
Moxheim, Tor Arne University College Teacher +4769608057
Mustafa, Perparim Head Engineer +4769608411
Picture of Hoa Thi Nguyen Nguyen, Hoa Thi Doctoral Research Fellow
Nätt, Tom Heine Associate Professor +4769608325 +4792012120
Picture of Hasan Ogul Ogul, Hasan Associate Professor +4746215195 +4746215195
Picture of Roland Olsson Olsson, Roland Associate Professor +4769608327
Picture of Maben Rabi Rabi, Maben Professor +4769608206 Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Hybrid systems