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Akerbæk, Tore Marius Assistant Professor 69608399
Bostrøm, Edgar Associate Professor 69608246 90012142
Carcani, Klaudia Doctoral Research Fellow 69608276
Picture of Ricardo Colomo-Palacios Colomo-Palacios, Ricardo Professor 69608291
Fyhn, Per Gunnar Associate Professor 69608265
Geitle, Marius Doctoral Research Fellow 69608112 +4798269663
Ha, Ky van Associate Professor
Picture of Øystein Haugen Haugen, Øystein Professor 69608146 91390914 Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Modeling, UML, SDL, Product Lines, Real-time Systems
Heide, Christian Fredrik Associate Professor 69608275 48053640
Holen, Vigdis Professor 69608280
Høiberg, Jan Associate Professor 69608282
Picture of Joakim Karlsen Karlsen, Joakim Assistant Professor 69608289
Knudsen, Lars Emil Skrimstad Assistant Professor 69608424 91684545
Krogh, Einar von Assistant Professor 69608299
Lam, An Ngoc Doctoral Research Fellow 69608444
Picture of Cathrine Linnes Linnes, Cathrine Associate Professor 69608099
Log, Steffen Henrik Associate Professor
Ludvigsen, Børre-Johan Professor 69608308
Lundsveen, Michael Andersen University College Teacher 69608397 +4797059605
Magnusson, Lars Vidar Assistant Professor 69608312
Misund, Gunnar Associate Professor 69608318
Nätt, Tom Heine Associate Professor 69608325 92012120
Olsson, Roland Associate Professor 69608327
Roppestad, Robert Kevin Assistant Professor 69608335 91870121
Samuelsen, Terje Assistant Professor 69608338 95904650