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Cyber-physical systems

The Research Group for Cyber-physical systems (CPSForsk) looks at systems where it is essential to observe and manage physical things. Therefore, we investigate digitalization: robots, smart houses, energy efficiency, and modern production technology. In our research we include modeling, real time systems, networks, cloud services and Internet-of-Things.

Robots at work

Illustration photo taken from Productive4.0


The research group CPSForsk is central in the Østfold University College focus area Technology-Energy-Society, and we are partner in the large ECSEL lighthouse project Productive4.0. The results of the Norwegian consortium is featured in an article on the home page of the project titles "Prediction, online analyzing, sensors - Norwegians taking control". If you want to see a short 2 minutes movie about what we are doing at Unger Fabrikker watch this movie:


Our most recent project is also an ECSEL project: Arrowhead Tools building on the results from Productive4.0. This project also has a large number of European partners (about 90). Arrowhead Tools will last for 3 years started in May 2019. We shall get a PhD fellow at HIOF in this project. Professor Ø. Haugen is work package leader for Requirements management in the project and also task leader for standardization of languages.

Selected publications


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