Guest lecture: Artificial Intelligence, the Road into the Future of Computing

We're happy to welcome Alejandro Baldominos to our faculty for a guest lecture on Artificial Intelligence and the future of computing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been considered by some experts as "the new electricity": it is called to revolutionize most knowledge fields, and change the way we approach development and innovation in every and each of those fields. Everyday, AI is breaking a new record in medicine, self-driving or gaming. Did you know that AI was able to beat the Go world champion in 2016? That was an amazing achievement, but it took roughly one year until this software was beaten 100 to 0 by a new version.

In an era of big data, AI can do wonders. In this talk, we will see some of these wonders in different fields of computing, such as software engineering and information technology. We will discuss some of the current advances and take some time to put our imagination to work and figure out how the future will be.

About Alejandro Baldominos

Alejandro Baldominos holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. He works as a researcher in the Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in this University. In 2016, he completed a research stay in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab of MIT, where he worked in a project whose aim was to apply machine learning to the detection of medical conditions using physiological waveforms. His current research areas involves the application of evolutionary computation to deep learning, and he has published several papers on renowned journals and international conferences about the topic. He has also taught classes on different subjects of computer programming, data science and artificial intelligence.

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