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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Afdal, Geir Sigmund Professor +4769608227
Picture of Hilde Wågsås Afdal Afdal, Hilde Wågsås Professor +4769608228 +4797566558
Amundsen, Marie-Lisbet Professor +4769608443 +4741277048
Picture of Fred Carlo Andersen Andersen, Fred Carlo Associate Professor +4769608101
Andreassen, Marianne Assistant Professor +4769608119
Andreassen, Ulf Rune Professor +4769608231
Picture of Ragnar Arntzen Arntzen, Ragnar Professor +4769608134 +4799000802
Arstorp, Ann-Thérèse Associate Professor +4769608381
Picture of Marcus Axelsson Axelsson, Marcus Associate Professor +4769608347
Picture of Rolf K Baltzersen Baltzersen, Rolf K Professor +4769608235 +4741232522
Belseth, Kjartan Assistant Professor +4769608369 +4746684317
Berggren, Stein Arnold Assistant Professor +4769608237
Bergstedt, Bosse Professor +4769608076
Bjerke, Christian Bjørn Associate Professor +4769608240 +4791556019
Picture of Fred Rune Bjordal Bjordal, Fred Rune Assistant Professor +4769608363
Picture of Johan Per Ivar Bo Bredberg Bredberg, Johan Per Ivar Bo Associate Professor +4769608395
Bredesen Opset, Barbro Associate Professor +4769608437 +4792828775
Picture of Natalia Bredrup Bredrup, Natalia Assistant Professor +4769608162
Picture of Stine Malin Brynildsen Brynildsen, Stine Malin Assistant Professor +4769608324 +4799036311
Brännström, Martta Assistant Professor +4769608255