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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Martta Brännström Brännström, Martta Assistant Professor +4769608255
Bråten, Ivar Professor
Picture of Bjørn Espen Pontus Braaten Braaten, Bjørn Espen Pontus Assistant Professor +4769608247 +4793425670
Picture of Gerd Marie Gylder Corneliussen Corneliussen, Gerd Marie Gylder Project Manager +4769608435
Dahl-Nielsen, Ane Linn Assistant Professor +4769608474
Picture of Anders Dechsling Dechsling, Anders Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608782 +4741471185
Dybvikstrand, Trine Sofie Assistant Professor +4769608198
Picture of Eva Martinsen Dyrnes Dyrnes, Eva Martinsen Associate Professor +4769608104
Picture of Cathrine Aasgaard Eide Eide, Cathrine Aasgaard Assistant Professor +4769608447 +4793014932
Eide, Kristin Melum Professor +4769608441 +4795700040
Picture of Anders Eilertsen Eilertsen, Anders Assistant Professor +4769608190 +4741676474
Picture of Marion Elisenberg Elisenberg, Marion Assistant Professor +4769608105
Picture of Øystein Elle Elle, Øystein Associate Professor +4769608108
Elsness, Turid Fosby Professor Emerita +4769608214
Emilsen, Linda Evenstad Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Irina Engeness Engeness, Irina Professor +4769608098 Learning and teaching with digital technology, MOOCs, Blended Learning, Assessment for Learning, Learning to Learn, Cultural-Historical Theory
Picture of Marit Eriksen Eriksen, Marit Associate Professor +4769608257
Picture of Anders Farholm Farholm, Anders Associate Professor +4769608243
Picture of Hilde Sofie Fjeld Fjeld, Hilde Sofie Associate Professor +4769608419
Picture of Sanna Erika Forsström Forsström, Sanna Erika Assistant Professor +4769608193 +358407042704 programming in mathematics, mathematics education