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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Birgitte Nordahl Husebye Husebye, Birgitte Nordahl Assistant Professor +4769608130 +4791825072
Picture of Camilla Häbler Häbler, Camilla Assistant Professor +4769608110 +4790204539
Håkansson, Gisela Anne-Marie Professor +4769608427
Haaland, Grete External Affiliation
Picture of Kjersti Berggraf Jacobsen Jacobsen, Kjersti Berggraf Dean +4769608283 +4792814475
Jamouchi, Samira Associate Professor +4769608124
Picture of Benthe Kolberg Jansson Jansson, Benthe Kolberg Professor +4769608285
Picture of Khaled Ben Latief Jemai Jemai, Khaled Ben Latief Associate Professor +4769608132
Picture of Leif Roald Jensen Jensen, Leif Roald Professor +4769608287 +4793225830
Jensen, Magne Skibsted Associate Professor +4769608286 +4740288271
Picture of Nina Johannesen Johannesen, Nina Associate Professor +4769608111
Picture of Pål Espen Olvik Jom Jom, Pål Espen Olvik Assistant Professor +4769608196 +4795120354
Picture of Nicola Kristin Karcher Karcher, Nicola Kristin Associate Professor +4769608295
Karlsen, Kristine Høeg Associate Professor +4769608290
Picture of Odd Tore Kaufmann Kaufmann, Odd Tore Associate Professor +4769608292 +4797648738
Koch, Susanne Anette Kjekshus Assistant Professor +4769608452
Picture of Olav Erik Kolstad Kolstad, Olav Erik Assistant Professor +4769608297
Picture of Karl-Arne Næss Korseberg Korseberg, Karl-Arne Næss Assistant Professor +4769608187
Picture of Ann Sofi Larsen Larsen, Ann Sofi Associate Professor +4769608305
Lier, Arne Roar Lehne Associate Professor +4769608464