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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anita Lopez-Pedersen Lopez-Pedersen, Anita Assistant Professor +4791830469
Ludvigsen, Ar Assistant Professor +4769608307
Picture of Beate Lund Lund, Beate Assistant Professor +4769608194 97760948
Luthen, Geir Sverre Associate Professor +4769608310
Lykke, Alexander Kristoffersen Assistant Professor +4769608432
Mandt, Hege Marie Poulaki External Affiliation +4769608179
Picture of Marianne Maugesten Maugesten, Marianne Associate Professor +4769608314
Picture of Maja Michelsen Michelsen, Maja Associate Professor +4769608316
Mintorovitch, Niklas Norman Pettersen Assistant Professor
Picture of Inger Martine Mosfjeld Mosfjeld, Inger Martine Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608195
Picture of Gitte Cecilie Motzfeldt Motzfeldt, Gitte Cecilie Associate Professor +4769608079
Picture of Ilka Nagel Nagel, Ilka Assistant Professor +4769608197
Picture of Håvard Friis Nilsen Nilsen, Håvard Friis Professor +4769608269
Picture of Magnus Nohr Nohr, Magnus Assistant Professor +4769608321 +4799281001 ICT, MOOC, online
Picture of Ronald Erwin Arno Nolet Nolet, Ronald Erwin Arno Associate Professor +4769608125 +4748140054
Picture of Anders Nordahl-Hansen Nordahl-Hansen, Anders Professor +4769608174 +4740873179 Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD, Developmental Disorders, Child Development
Picture of Monica Nordbakke Nordbakke, Monica Assistant Professor +4769608322 mathematics, mathematics didactics
Picture of Mona Inger Nordgren Nordgren, Mona Inger Assistant Professor +4769608123
Norrby, Catrin Elisabeth Professor +4769608428
Nyhus, Mette Røe Associate Professor +4769608113