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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Monica Nordbakke Nordbakke, Monica Assistant Professor +4769608322 mathematics, mathematics didactics
Picture of Mona Inger Nordgren Nordgren, Mona Inger Assistant Professor +4769608123
Norrby, Catrin Elisabeth Professor +4769608428
Nygaard-Joki, Sonja Assistant Professor +4769608469
Nyhus, Mette Røe Associate Professor +4769608113
Picture of Ragnhild Louise Næsje Næsje, Ragnhild Louise Assistant Professor +4769608191
Picture of Audun Rojahn Olafsen Olafsen, Audun Rojahn Assistant Professor +4769608326 +4799457074
Olandersson, Cecilie Assistant Professor +4769608055
Olsen, Alexander Assistant Professor +4769608250
Olsson, Liselott Mariett Professor
Picture of Harald Oseland Oseland, Harald Assistant Professor +4769608328 +4741211610
Picture of Jon Trygve Pihlstrøm Pihlstrøm, Jon Trygve Associate Professor +4769608331
Picture of Hanne Eik Pilskog Pilskog, Hanne Eik Associate Professor +4769608448
Picture of Lin Elisabet Sandhaug Ramberg Ramberg, Lin Elisabet Sandhaug Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608102
Picture of Mette Ramstad Ramstad, Mette Associate Professor +4769608332
Picture of Adrian Kristinsønn Rasmussen Rasmussen, Adrian Kristinsønn Assistant Professor +4769608342 +4745434137 Teacher education, Kindergarden teacher education, Science education
Reinertsen, Anne Beate Professor +4769608397 +4792237019
Picture of Heike Angela Rieck Rieck, Heike Angela Assistant Professor +4769608215
Rolin, Alf Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608334 +4797509421
Picture of Ellen Cecilie Romstad Romstad, Ellen Cecilie Assistant Professor +4769608230 +4795785871