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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Steinsholt, Kjetil Professor
Picture of Henrik Stigberg Stigberg, Henrik Assistant Professor +4769608256
Picture of Karine Stjernholm Stjernholm, Karine Associate Professor +4769608306 Sociolinguistics, language and identity, language and gender, language ideology, multilingualism, the Oslo dialect, language in Østfold, globalisation
Picture of Dan Roger Sträng Sträng, Dan Roger Professor +4769608346 +46702014370
Picture of Ole Sveen Sveen, Ole Associate Professor +4769608131 Anatomy, physiology, biomechanic, training and exercise, sports, coaching, teacher education
Picture of Åshild Søfteland Søfteland, Åshild Associate Professor +4769608351
Picture of Dag Sørmo Sørmo, Dag Associate Professor +4769608116
Picture of Steffen Tangen Tangen, Steffen Assistant Professor +4769608117 92661558
Picture of Josef Thingnes Thingnes, Josef Associate Professor +4769608391 +4790206836
Picture of Andrew John Thomas Thomas, Andrew John Associate Professor +4769608212 +4797190742 Religious Education, One school for all, inclusion, Textbooks, Source evaluation, Theatre and citizenship, creativity, normalisation, holy fools, church history
Picture of Jon Sverre Thorstensen Thorstensen, Jon Sverre Assistant Professor +4769608430 +4799363439
Toft, Solveig Assistant Professor +4769608353
Picture of Christina Berg Tveitan Tveitan, Christina Berg Assistant Professor +4769608446
Picture of Victor Tymczuk Tymczuk, Victor Assistant Professor +4769608170
Picture of Bente Ulla Ulla, Bente Associate Professor +4769608358
Vold, Leif Erik Assistant Professor +4769608360 +46730613491
Picture of Øystein Sverre Warem Warem, Øystein Sverre Assistant Professor +4769608364
Winman, Thomas Associate Professor
Østli, Marianne Assistant Professor +4769608367
Picture of Rune Aae Aae, Rune Assistant Professor +4769608226 +4741011885