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Academic interests

Andrew Thomas works on religion and diversity in school: how to teach religious education and an analysis of religious forms in school. His other areas of expertise include the history of Christianity, and early Mediterranean history of ideas. He is also currently doing research in religious education (after having worked as a teacher and head of department for language and social sciences) and in 2015 co-edited a special issue of Prismet, Norway's only research journal for religious education (level 1). The issue concerned teaching religion at upper secondary level in Norway.

Current research projects include:

  • A textbook analysis concerning the distribution of different definitions of religion;
  • An interpretation and critique of self-regulation and creativity in education;
  • A discussion of authority and truth in the digital school;
  • An historical analysis of the political economy of Hans Nielsen Hauge;
  • An evaluation of various interpretive strategies for understanding the story of Saint Isidora (4th century)


Courses taught

  • Nordic citizenship Education
    • One School for all
    • Worldviews in Nordic Society
    • Staging Citizenship
  • Postgraduate certificate of education: teaching religion


Tags: Religious Education, One school for all, inclusion, Textbooks, Source evaluation, Theatre and citizenship, creativity, normalisation, holy fools, church history


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