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Academic interests

  • Technology and Blended Learning: The role of digital and other mediational tools in learning, educational technology; MOOCs, computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL);
  • Assessment for Learning: development of writing skills in English, writing process, formative assessment, feedback
  • Teacher education: professional digital competence for teachers, teacher digital agency, digital identity 
  • Learning and Development: Cultural-historical theory, agency of students and teachers, learning to learn approach

Research related to "The Digital Society" 

My research interests relate to Østfold University College's  PhD-endeavour " The Digital Society".  In particular, I am interested in studying learning and teaching practices in digital learning environments, such as MOOCs and smaller-scale online courses. Over the next ten years, e-learning is projected to grow fifteen-fold, accounting for 30% for all educational provision. Such a new form of educational delivery influences and challenges learning and teaching practices. Digitalisation provides valuable opportunities for learning, however, it requires teachers to develop new skills and competencies. Teachers are expected to develop their professional digital competence (PDC) to become profound users of digital technology. In addition, educators need to engage in the design of digital learning environments to enhance the development of digital competence with their students. I am interested to study how teachers develop and enact their professional digital competence (PDC), digital agency and identity as digitally competent teachers. I am the main supervisor for the PhD candidate in the project: Learning and Teaching in the ICTPED MOOC: implications for design and further developments.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in doing research related to learning and teaching with digital resources and/ or in digital environments. 

Courses taught

Learning and Digital Technologies

Applied Methodology (Anvendt metode med fordypning ) 

Seminar for Master students (Fordypningsemne for masterstudenter) 



PfDK (Professional Digital Competence) MOOC for English Teachers 


  • Ph.D. candidate; project Learning and Teaching in the ICTPED MOOC: Implications for design and further improvements


PhD, University of Oslo, Thesis: Learning and Teaching With Digital Tools: insights for learning arising from the cultural-historical theory

University Pedagogy Competence, University of Oslo



  • Ark&App
  • DigiLU
  • Learning and Teaching in the ICTPED MOOC: Implications for design and further improvements
Tags: Learning and teaching with digital technology, MOOCs, Blended Learning, Assessment for Learning, Learning to Learn, Cultural-Historical Theory


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  • Mørch, Anders Irving & Engeness, Irina (2014). EssayCritic Norway Trial 2014.

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