Irina Engeness

Faculty of Education
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Academic interests

  • Technology and Blended Learning: The role of digital and other mediational tools in learning, educational technology; MOOCs, computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL);
  • Assessment for Learning: development of writing skills in English, writing process, formative assessment, feedback
  • Teacher education: professional digital competence for teachers 
  • Learning and Development: Cultural-historical theory, agency of students and teachers, learning to learn approach

Courses taught

PED 2750 Learning and Digital Technologies at UiO

PED 4031Applied Methodology (Anvendt metode med fordypning ) at UiO

PED4331 Seminar for Master students (Fordypningsemne for masterstudenter) at UiO



PfDK (Professional Digital Competence) MOOC for English Teachers 


  • Ph.D. candidate; project Learning and Teaching in the ICTPED MOOC: Implications for design and further improvements


PhD, University of Oslo, Thesis: Learning and Teaching With Digital Tools: insights for learning arising from the cultural-historical theory

University Pedagogy Competence, University of Oslo



  • Ark&App
  • DigiLU
  • Learning and Teaching in the ICTPED MOOC: Implications for design and further improvements
Tags: Learning and teaching with digital technology, MOOCs, Blended Learning, Assessment for Learning, Learning to Learn, Cultural-Historical Theory


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  • Brynildsen, Stine Malin; Nagel, Ilka & Engeness, Irina (2019). How Teachers Learn: TeachMeets as a Possible Arena for Teachers' Development of Professional Digital Competence.
  • Brynildsen, Stine Malin; Nagel, Ilka & Engeness, Irina (2019). TeachMeetsas a PossibleArena for Teachers’ Development of Professional DigitalCompetence.
  • Engeness, Irina (2019). 'Learning to Learn' in Digital Environments: Design principles informed by Galperin's concepts of orientation.
  • Engeness, Irina & Lund, Andreas (2019). The contribution of Piotr Galperin to the cultural-historical theory and implications for contemporary educational research and practice. Learning, Culture and Social Interaction.  ISSN 2210-6561. . doi: 10.1016/j.lcsi.2019.01.005
  • Engeness, Irina & Nagel, Ilka (2019). Orchestrating Group Learning in Science with Digital Animations and Insights into Agency in Learning to Learn.
  • Engeness, Irina & Nohr, Magnus (2019). Use of videos in ICTMOOC for teacher education and professional development in 21st century.
  • Engeness, Irina (2018). Learning and Teaching with Digital Tools:Insights for Learning Arising from the Cultural-Historical Theory.
  • Engeness, Irina & Mørch, Anders Irving (2016). The role of the teacher in facilitating writing process with peer feedback and automated feedback from EssayCritic.
  • Engeness, Irina (2015). The complexity of learning: exploring the interplay of different mediational means in CSCL setting.
  • Engeness, Irina & Mørch, Anders Irving (2015). Development of English writing skills for upper secondary school students in Norway using computer-based scaffolding based on semantic analysis of text documents. Show summary
  • Mørch, Anders Irving & Engeness, Irina (2015). Læremidler og arbeidsformer i prosessorientert skriving. Full text in Research Archive.
  • Furberg, Anniken Larsen; Dolonen, Jan Arild; Engeness, Irina & Jessen, Stian (2014). Læremidler og arbeidsformer i naturfag i ungdomsskolen. En casestudie i prosjektet ARK&APP, naturfag, 10. klasse.. Show summary
  • Mørch, Anders Irving & Engeness, Irina (2014). EssayCritic Norway Trial 2014.

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