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Special Education Research

The study of special education topics should contribute to inclusion and participation by preventing and reducing difficulties and challenges of learning and the development. The aim of this research group is to contribute and participate in research endeavours that facilitate knowledge that advances spesial education as a discipline.  

Special education is an interdisciplinary research field. The members of our team study a range of topics central to the field of special education from the perspectives of special education, pedagogy, philosophy and psychology. We do research on various groups that reside within preschools, schools as well as other institutions. Some of our research focus on professional groups that meet people with special needs such as teachers and special educationalists. Other research projects focus directly on people that experience social-, emotional-, learning- or developmental- disabilities or challenges. A selection of our recent scientific publications is listed here.

The group has the responsibility for delivering teaching and supervision for the Special Education master’s programme at the faculty. The programme consistently has a high number of applicants and students come from all parts of Norway. The teaching is research-informed, and we encourage students to contribute in ongoing projects.

National and international partners

In addition to partner with institutions in the nearby residing community, we collaborate on research projects with several national and international scholars at various institutions. Here is a list of institutions we are currently collaborating with:





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