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Ongoing project

Autism in Media

This projects focus on how media present and discuss Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Krimhelter. Illustratør: Endre M. Lilletvedt.

About the project

This projects primary objective is to increase knowledge of how media present and discuss Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD). Another objective is to use the information from the project to influence media with the aim to decrease stigma, prejudice and stereotypes towards persons with ASD.

Although autism has become part of the pop-culture, there is little empirical data available on media representations for this group. Through quantitative and qualitative analyses of media content, we expect to collect a solid empirical basis of data that can inform stakeholders, the research community, and the public of negative and positive consequences of media presentations of ASD. We will collect longitudinal and comparative data to look at trends and to be able to compare the Norwegian context to other countries.

We will increase the visibility of media presentaions of ASD by publishing articles in high quality open access journals as well as issuing guidelines and share our findings in a variety of media sources for maximum exposure.

Project timeframe

2019 - 2022.

Project type

Research project.



The project has several outcomes. One project outcome will be to gain a better understanding of mechanisms that influence perceptions of autism. We will also contribute in increasing knowledge of how information and misinformation are treated by users of media. The results from the project will help instruct media in ways of reporting, representing, and portraying autism. Outcomes will also help guide stakeholder groups like autistic people, families, and health professionals to improve communications with media. Further, results will give vital information to developers of media-interventions aiming to reduce stigma, prejudice and stereotype representation.


The project has several partners: 


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