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DeveLeP – Development Learning and Psychological Processes

DeveLeP is an interdisciplinary research group with a broad focus on topics related to neurodevelopmental disorders, learning and psychological processes.

Develep Development learning and psychological processes

Through our research and disseminations, we are dedicated to enhance and advance the knowledge related to our topics while embracing open science principles.

Research areas

Neurodevelopmental disorders

Special Education and Learning, Child Development, Psychology and Psychological Treatments, Meta-science, Human Technology Society Interactions, Philosophy of Science, Expert Opinions and Decision Making, Mathematical Skills and Development

Collaborating institutions

The relation to the University College's strategic research initiative "The Digital Society"

Researchers in the DeveLeP-group connects with the strategic research initiative, The Digital Society, at Ostfold University College in various ways. Some of the topics are artificial intelligence in health and in society at large, challenges concerning social robotics in health and in society at large, robotics as a way of means in educational settings. Another part of research involves investigations of new intervention technology for persons with psychiatric conditions and persons with special education needs, involving for instance internet-based therapy for persons with depression and Virtual Reality interventions for persons with autism. 




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