Karl Kristian Swane Bambini

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Academic interests

American studies, Norwegian literature, utopian studies, apocalyptic literature, Marxist theory, economics in literature, temporality, ecocriticism, democracy, eco-authoritarianism, post/transhumanism, the Nordic Model, Science Fiction studies, fantasy literature, solarpunk, petroculture, and the energy humanities.  


Karl Kristian S. Bambini is a PhD fellow at Østfold University College and is conducting his research training at the University of Agder. Drawing on the fields of ecocriticism, Marxism, and utopian studies, his dissertation will discuss how Norway’s recent wave of ecodystopian literature might be both an adverse response to Norway’s successful petroleum-based economy and an expression of environmental guilt. Bambini has worked nearly ten years in finance and academic administration. He completed his masters at the University of Oslo in 2015 and has previously published on dystopian SF literature.

Doctoral Project

Norwegian Futurisms: The Ecological Dystopias of the Norwegian Welfare State

My dissertation seeks to fill a critical void in contemporary Science Fiction (SF) research by mapping the troubled terrain between humans and nature in Norway’s ecological dystopias. While Norway is framed as a utopian welfare state focused on citizen needs and environmental concerns, the recent wave of ecodystopian literature indicates a growing domestic concern with global climate crisis. This project will explore how, and in which ways, this emerging genre might be a response to Norway’s successful petroleum-based economy and an expression of environmental guilt.


  • Bambini, Karl Kristian Swane (2019). Oil and Calories: Energy Paradigms in Paolo Bacigalupi’s Ship Breaker and ‘The Calorie Man’. Open Library of Humanities. ISSN 2056-6700. 5(1). doi: 10.16995/olh.119.

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