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Education in Mathematics, Science and Techology

We are a group of teacher educators in mathematics, science and ICT whose aim is to build an environment contributing to generate educational research in these three subjects along with increasing and developing our competence in educating to future teachers.

Together we will develop new interdisciplinary projects. In the long run, master's students will also be included in projects. It is significant that through the research and developmental work in this group, we build up a competent stab of supervisors for our master's students.

Main areas of research

  • Programming and algorithmic thinking in mathematics and science
  • Mathematics and language
  • Critical mathematics education

External partner

Projects together with a research group at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, leaded by professor Tamsin Meaney.


The research group belongs to The Department of Natural Sciences, Practical-Aesthetic, Social and Religious Studies, a part of the Faculty of Teacher Education and Languages.


Tags: The Digital Society, DigiEd
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