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  • Vem är jag? 3. des. 2021 12:00

    Nina Ernst, Linnéuniversitet: ”Vem är jag? En liten föreläsning om grafiska självbiografier, dess tematik och berättelseelement och det tecknade jaget.”

  • Interspecies sociolinguistics: The greeting of the dairy cow(s) 7. des. 2021 12:30

    Foredrag med Leonie Cornips, Amsterdam/Maastricht

    This presentation focusses on a research project which examines interspecies interaction. Drawing on fieldwork in Dutch dairy farms, the aim is to find out how human and non-human animals, that is, farmers and cows, communicate with each other. Research into interspecies interactions provide a new lens on the concept of language: instead of asking which species have language, the question rises of how may language actually work? (De Waal and Ferrari 2010).

  • Dialect acquisition by ‘new speakers’ of Dutch and their linguistic othering 8. des. 2021 12:45

    Foredrag med Leonie Cornips, Amsterdam/Maastricht