NTA project supported by PKU

We have the pleasure to announce that NTA has received funding for one year research project “Material Strategies” from the programme for artistic research (PKU).


illustration material strategies

Material Strategies (Photo: NTA)

This is a one year project that will be organised around 2 days planning and introductory meeting in August 2018 (in Oslo), 2 days seminar in January/ February 2019 (in Oslo), two weeks practical workshop in April/ May 2019 (in Fredrikstad) with a presentation of material in Oslo.

The project is led by Prof. CAMILLA EEG TVERBAKK together with producer and manager PATRICIA CANELLIS. Camilla will provide much of the theoretical research platform in her function as dramaturg between the two parts (voice/ vocal traditions as material, and object/body relations and connections). She will also work on developing a discourse around the connection between these parts.

The NTA teachers/professors that are participating to the project are : SIRI LANGDALEN, ELECTA BEHRENS, ØYSTEIN ELLE and Research fellow INGVILD HOLM.

We also have the pleasure to have an international partner in the project, Luis Sotelo from Concordia University in Canada, who are leading a research project on oral history: http://storytelling.concordia.ca/content/sotelo-castro-luis

At NTA, we are very curious to learn more about Luis work and how he can contribute and benefit from our project. Additionally, we also intend to invite 3 international guests for the seminar and 2 international artists for the workshop in addition to Luis Sotelo. (to be announced).

Keep yourself updated by visiting our pages regularly. More will be published soon.

***About the project (extract from the abstract):

NTA would like to investigate into ways of practicing materiality in relation to artistic processes of creation. Artists are always dealing with materials, but most often taking them for granted as means to be shaped into artistic visions and expressions formed by human imagination. With reference to new materialism’s ethical call to relate to material in ways that demand another kind of listening, this research project will investigate the consequences for performance practice.


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