Opening of two NTA master productions in Ås

Newfangled Futures September 6 at 18:00, Vitenparken in Ås: Anne Cecilie Lie and Annike Flo invites you to the official opening and vernissage of their final master productions "Entangled in the Mesh" (Lie) and "c o c r e a t : e : u r e s" (Flo).

illustration newfangledfutures

In their master productions, Anne Cecilie Lie and Annike Flo investigate creating and surviving in our current geological era proposed as the Anthropocene; "The human scene".

Based on an expanded concept of scenography, the works take on other and extended time perspectives, such as life cycles, geological ages and speculative futures.

Through multi-sensory experiences, Lie and Flo seek to skew the human-centric view by introducing us to other, unfamiliar worlds that are interwoven with ours and enable us to exist.

The works are based on Vitenparken and NMBU (University of Life Sciences) as knowledge producers, and on the surrounding landscapes. In these worlds, Lie and Flo explore the crevices between the speculative practices of art and science.

The works are made in collaboration with and presented through Vitenparken Campus Ås. Anne Cecilie Lie and Annike Flo are graduating master students in scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College.


"Entangled in the Mesh" (Lie)

"c o c r e a t : e : u r e s" (Flo)

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