NTA in Paris

The dreamer performer in the frame of [frasq] # 10 - gets off to a flying start! Comedian-performer, choreographer and researcher Biño Sauitzvy took us into a space-time where the night became white, and the day became black.

illustration the performer dreamer

© Lucile Adam

In the vast space of Le Générateur, in the frame of NUIT BLANCHE (same concept as Kulturnatt here in Norway) in Paris, the bachelor students in acting of NTA offered a fabulous performance where dance, theatre, acrobatics, dreams, and poetry made us fly high.

This performance was organised with the support of the artistic research project BLIND SPOT. In partnership with the Académie Fratellini, University of Paris 8, Le Générateur.

With students: Nina Tind Jensen, Livia Hiselius, Jakob Schnak Krog, Ragni Halle, Jay Fiskerstand, Naja Schonemann, Eline Waldeland, Gregers Andreas Kroksleiven-Hansen, Tova Ekenberg, Simon Zeller, Eun Yong Lee.


Published Oct. 11, 2018 3:10 PM - Last modified Oct. 11, 2019 11:17 AM