Presentation of NTA master project at Håøya

NTA's graduating master student in scenography Sara Evelyn will present her final master project at Håøya this Saturday 6th of October.

illustration pocket guide to håøya

A Pocket Guide to Håøya. Photo: Sara Evelyn

Pocket guide to Håøya

I am happy to announce my MA project on Håøya with an informal opening this Saturday 6th of October.

A culmination of different timescales unearthed inside an island and surrounding industrial area. My final MA project collects together rocks and materials including gneiss’s formed in the oldest period of geological time over 1400 million years ago and recent remnants from former industry. As a deconstruction of a memorial, several hundred found pieces form a surface in the forest, each one arranged loosely leaving chance for meeting/alteration. The work links spatially to memory and remembering through the materiality of the island in recognition of the women enslaved on Håøya’s dynamite factories between 1915-1918.

Collaboration with Ane Engvik who works as a researcher at the geological survey of Norway.

* * *

Departing from Oslo, Aker Brygge at 15:00
Arriving back in Oslo at 19:05

Ferry schedule Oslo:[b%C3%A5t]%20(Oslo)/til/(2150900)H%C3%A5%C3%B8ya%20(Frogn)/etter/061020181400/#st:0,sp:0,bp:0

Tickets: Buy on the ferry or buy online - 158 NOK (return trip)

Linn will be your guide and meet you at the port at Aker Brygge.

For those closer to DRØBAK there is also chance to come and visit earlier in the day:
Departing from Drøbak at 12:40
Return to Drøbak at 16:10

Ferry schedule Drøbak:,sp:0,bp:0

Tickets: Buy on the ferry or buy online

If travelling from Drøbak I will meet you at the harbour on Håøya.

* * *

Bring warm clothing, and also some drinks and snacks.
Hope to you see you there! - Sara Evelyn

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