Workshop at Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo

The Blind Spot Artistic Research Project is collaborating with the Medical Museum of the Norwegian Technical Museum in Oslo to open a new exhibition in May 2019.

illustration teknisk museum

Teknisk Museum medical photo of the blind spot.

NTA is collaborating with the Medical Museum of the Norwegian Technical Museum in Oslo to open an exhibition reflecting upon the topic by means of an artistic installation and exhibition in the new temporary space of the Medical Museum at NTM. The exhibition is due to open in April 2019. The design of the exhibition is based on the visual phenomenon of the anamorphosis, playing with visual and auditory perspective and perception. The design is conceived by the leader of the research project, Karen Kipphoff in cooperation with Henrik Treimo and Ellen Lange, curators of the Medical Museum and the Lab of the Technical Museum.

In this context the scenography students are invited during a 2 weeks long workshop to develop individual or group interventions, models of or actual art works and performances as supplements to the planned exhibition. The workshop and development of the students works will happen in close collaboration with the museum, specifically the curators Henrik Treimo and Ageliki Lefkaditou as well as Karen Kipphoff, Serge von Arx and Jakob Oredsson.

The related interventions and art works of the students will be realized and shown at NTM or in public space following discussions and the developing of concepts for these works in collaboration with the museum. The works will relate to and reflect the topic and its’ context (museum, collection of objects, history of culture, society and technology). The key to these interventions must be a thinking that engages and interacts with the audience, the visitors. Interaction with the visitors and the objects, the topic of the exhibition will be the starting points for the scenographical, performative or sculptural concepts that will be the results of the workshop.


When: from Tuesday, Oct. 16th to Friday, Oct. 26th 

Where: NTM (Norwegian Technical Museum Kjelsås, Oslo)

With: Henrik Treimo, Ageliki Lefkaditou (NTM), Karen Kipphoff, Jakob Oredsson, Serge von Arx

By Patricia Canellis, Karen Kipphoff
Published Oct. 15, 2018 10:10 AM - Last modified Feb. 11, 2019 2:48 PM