Independent Productions 2021

June 3-7: BA students in acting and scenography presents four internal performances in spaces at the academy, and one digital live streamed audio performance.

Independent Productions 2021: After five intense weeks of producing materials, rehearsing text, building elements and fine tuning, the BA students have gone into the final week of their independent productions as second year students.

These productions are based on skills, methods and knowledge from all the areas of study and provides practice in working independently with stage arts. The aim is for students to be able to formulate a concept and realize a production in collaboration with their peers in acting and scenography through reflective concept development, project planning and performance.

These performances are usually open to a public audience, but due to the current restrictions we are only able to let a few internal invited guests to the academy. However, you will be able to join one of them online:


BEAT by Laura Spottag Fog

Please join us for a pre-recorded live stream on

Saturday, June 5, 12:00
Sunday, June 6, 12:00
Monday, June 7, 19:00

All music and sound is composed and recorded (live) by Laura Spottag Fog, using a loop station, electro harmonizer, objects, instruments, recorded sound and voice. It is recommended to experience the work preferably with headphones or with speakers, somewhere you will not be disturbed. The audio piece is about 35 minutes long, so please visit our Vimeo channel just before start time, and you will be able to follow the live stream from wherever you are


Internal performances for invited guests at NTA:

The Burrow by Ayana Ishihara, Max Levin Kugler, Oda Holmvik Bredvold

Baba Yaga by Albert Greve Rasmussen, Guillermo John Magno, Karol Przemysław Matuszak, Trym Grønner Flikke

An ode to you and you and you and... by Anna Bjørgulf, Astrid Sønderskov Andersen, Sebastian Schmiedl

The Maids by Anna Hoelsæter Hansen, Anna Lisa Ulrica Rauhala, Clara Amalie Randum Nielsen, Lasse Jacoby Steina Lilleng, Vilde Jønlan

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