Light work during Elvelangs in Oslo

Don't miss out on tomorrow's Everything Is Outside - Light works for Elvelangs 2019. Our bachelor students in scenography are currently working in Oslo with Elvelangs, and you can see their (and a lot of other's) work TOMORROW, Thursday 26th of September at 20:00.

Thursday 26th of September at 20:00

Three scenographic light works for Elvelangs 2019 by BA Scenography students at Norwegian Theatre Academy.

- Allegory of the Path (Astrid Sønderskov Andersen, Nana Andrea Tiefenböck, Oda Holmvik Bredvold)

- Spotting (Anna Hoelsæter Hansen, Vilde Jønland)

- Searching for Marian (Sebastian Schmiedl, Ayana Ishihara, Trym Grønner Flikke)

59°57'51.9"N 10°46'30.7"E
The first installation located at Frysja, then continue down towards Brekka for the other two installations.


Event for NTA's light work:
Event for Elvelangs 2019:

Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, Oslo kommune and the BA Scenography students at Norwegian Theatre Academy are cooperating on a workshop on-site along the Akerselva river. Collective artistic work will result in three public scenographic works for Elvelangs on September 26th, starting at the museum at 20:00. The workshop will take place during the Blind Spot exhibition at Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, a result of close cooperation between the museum and NTA that opened May 2019.

Understandings of ecology, lightness and darkness, context and scenography, will be highlighted through the three works located along the river. The students have developed scenographic works for the river which are fundamentally about the river and its surrounding environment. Scenography always comes into being in relation to a context and on this occasion, the context is the river environment. As the works take place during the time of the year in which the transition between lightness and darkness unfolds, attention is directed towards this transition and its implications with regards to how the environment is perceived. The works in themselves may become Blind Spots and the borders between context and scenography, foreground and background, inside and outside, lightness and darkness, explored through Everything Is Outside.

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