New Artistic Research Collaboration with Royal Conservatoire Birmingham

“Documenting Music with Non-Sonic Elements“

John Cage, Fontana Mix (1958)

Documenting Music with Non-Sonic Elements“ is the title of NTA´s new Artistic Research project in a collaboration with Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (UK) that has been selected by the ARTS AND HUMANITIES RESEARCH COUNCIL to be funded with £35.603 for the period 19.08.2019-20.07.2020.

The project led by Prof. Michael Wolters (Birmingham Conservatoire) and co-led by Dr. Philipp Schulte (NTA) concretely investigates concepts of documenting music involving non-sonic elements, for which there is neither an established 'best practice' for documentation nor any reliable archive. This interdisciplinary network will explore the problems raised by, and solutions for, documenting and disseminating exemplars of this type of music around through four workshops taking place in England, Wales, and Germany.

This project has been conceived to respond to the needs of scholars in 20th and 21st Century experimental music, in addition to lecturers in contemporary musical performance practice and musicians outside academia who are involved as performers, composers, ensemble directors and workshop leaders. The aim is to establish a clear and transparent methodology outlining the best-practice for the production, performance and documentation of works with non-sonic elements. This will result in an exemplary public performance and professional-quality video documentation of a historically significant composition. Appropriate licensing will be arranged so that the documentation can be made publically available. 

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Published Nov. 26, 2019 10:51 AM - Last modified Nov. 26, 2019 10:51 PM