Kalunga across performance - Luanda Carneiro Jacoel

May 20: MA in Performance student Luanda Carneiro Jacoel's final MA production at Scenehuset in Oslo.

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Luanda Carneiro Jacoel and Norwegian Theatre Academy invite you to:

Kalunga across performance

Friday, May 20
20:00 at Scenehuset in Oslo
Duration: 30-45 min

An intertwined performance​ - installation of entities, unspoken and extended co - ontologies performing at the same time; at the same space. A body (in) transit, evoking archives, leaving traces, playing with the unknown, navigating temporalities. A platform of encounter, exchange and co-creation between artists and their diasporic experiences. A meeting point for an interdisciplinary perspective; exploring “call and response” approaches linking social themes such as cultural background, identity and decolonial artistic practices.

Inspired by the Bakongo Cosmogram (dikenga dia Kôngo) and the vital force Kalunga, the main concept is to explore the meanings of Kalunga across performance practices, reflecting on the Black trans-Atlantic history and the Afro-Diaspora that results from this journey through the sea. The Bakongo Cosmogram is a circle divided by a four-point cross and follows the path of the sun. The celestial scope is translated, for the Bantu-Kongo and their diasporic descendants as a human-ancestral infinite, circular, spiral trajectory of life. Kalunga is the horizontal liquid membrane of the cross: the sea. Is the boundary between the living world and the world where the souls of the ancestors meet. Which presides over the metamorphosis body-spirit-body. Kalunga is a symbolic place of transition. Where the body communicates with the water archive and with the earth archive. There is a transformative aspect of the space, that is Kalunga, the activation of life, the force, the manifestation, the mutual communication, the call and response of co-ontologies that operate above and below Kalunga.

The visible and invisible.
The tangible and the non-tangible.
It's the time and it's temporalities.

Performance//Concept: Luanda Carneiro Jacoel
Music: Ben Lamar Gay
Videography: Bianca Turner
Embroidery: Daniela Aquino
Inspired by cosmograms, the visual artist/performer Daniela Aquino initiated as an ekedji in the religion Candomblé where the deities, Orixás, are worshiped; brings to her research the mythologies of the Orixás, through embroidery installations.
*ekedji (female position of great value that caretaker of the Orixás)
Scenography: Alice Tomola

Tutors: Saul Garcia Lopéz and Tiganá Santana 
Special thanks: Sueli Carneiro, Maurice Jacoel, Koffi Kôkô, Jamie J. Philbert, Karmenlara Ely, Eleonora Fabião, Fernanda Branco, Cecilio Orozco, Alhagie Jacobsen, Ellen Palmeira, Ayesha Jordan, Juliana Porto, Azul Filho de Luiz, Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn, Casa Sueli Carneiro, classmates, friends and family.

During spring 2022, the graduating students from MA in Performance will present their final part of their master research work. NTA’s study plan for the MA in Performance research project is organized as a series of public events happening between fall and spring of the second year of the course, organized in two phases, rather than a single final MA production. This spring we will have five phase 2 performances and one phase 1 performance. They will be presented in different locations around Fredrikstad and Oslo, and you are welcome to experience all works for free. See www.hiof.no/nta for more information.

Luanda Carneiro Jacoel (BR/NO) is a performance artist working with the principles of ancestry, memorie and temporality in afro-brazilian traditions. The work crosses boundaries between avant – garde; dance; ritual; installation; instant composition practices and video-performance. Currently, she is attending a Master in Performance at the Norwegian Theater Academy (NTA). She has a degree in Communication of Performing Arts - PUC - SP (Brazil) and is certified as a Somatic Movement Practitioner at Somatic Movement Institute - SMI - (Netherlands). She is co-founder of the former platform ACTS – laboratory for performance practices (Oslo).
Web: https://bodytransit.net
Instagram: map_luacaja

Produced by Norwegian Theatre Academy at Østfold University College

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