Mephisto's Shop - Alice Vanini Tomola

June 10-11: Dear customers, Mephisto's Shop has finally arrived in town and it will be open for you on the days indicated below. We cordially invite you to visit us and collect the most suitable Mephisto's Kit. All our products are free. It’s a deal!

Alice Vanini Tomola and Norwegian Theatre Academy invite you to:

Mephisto's Shop

June 10: 15.00 - 19:30
June 11, 17:30 - 22.00

Location: Kanonhallen in Oslo, Norway.

No tickets needed. Drop in!

Master in Scenography student Alice Vanini Tomola will present her final production 'Mephisto's Shop' at Kanonhallen in Oslo, as part of Heddadagene.

Mephisto's Shop, is a participatory performance to reflect on the topic of big-tech companies’ use of personal data, and its consequent control on people’s everyday life.

You can visit the shop on the following opening hours:

June 10: 15.00-19:30 & June 11, 17:30-22.00

Address: Peter Møllers vei 4b, 0585 Oslo.

More Information:

Produced by: Norwegian Theatre Academy at Øsfold University College

Published June 9, 2022 2:51 PM - Last modified June 9, 2022 2:51 PM