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Picture of Electa Woodbridge Behrens Behrens, Electa Woodbridge Associate Professor +4769608659
Ely Seidman, Karmenlara Professor +4769608688 +4740552318
Picture of Saul Garcia-Lopez Garcia-Lopez, Saul Professor
Guilloteau, Etienne Frederic
Holm, Ingvild Anker Professor +4769608629
Kaldor, Edit Doctoral Research Fellow
Kipphoff, Karen Erika Earle Professor +4769608663 +4797739262
Picture of Jakob Oredsson Oredsson, Jakob Doctoral Research Fellow scenography, architecture, artistic research, symbiosis
Picture of Ylva Andrea Owren Owren, Ylva Andrea Assistant Professor +4769608626 +4797179401
Prestø, Thomas Isak Michael Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608817
Schulte, Jan Philipp Associate Professor +4769608631
von Arx, Serge Patrick Professor +4769608684 +4741449318