Research and development

NTA focuses on educating the artist as maker across disciplines, exploring the interaction between visual art and theatre, theatre and society and between theory and practice.

NTAʼs pedagogy works with conceptual and practical skills based in craft, intellectual practice and the history of performance. NTA is now developing research strengths which
build on the strengths of its pedagogy, moving into an environment in which research as a practice is informed by critical thinking and reflection, and is contextualised by debate and dialogue.

NTA is committed to a definition of artistic research that yokes together practical and theoretical creative work in the same space, realized in the studio and across a range of public venues. Our research happens on the interdisciplinary edge: where performativity, evolving materiality and decisive action meet and create experiential projects and critical written works about art and society.

Research fellows:

Østfold University College/Norwegian Theatre Academy is committed to developing research in the performing arts at the post-graduate level. Our research platform is partly supported by the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowhip Program and our international network.

Four research fellows are currently affiliated with the Norwegian Theatre Academy. There will be no admission process for new research fellows at NTA in 2018.