FAQ- BA admission

Below you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding admission to our bachelor programs.

As an applicant from a foreign country, do I need a TOEFL or ESOL certificate?
A TOEFL or ESOL certificate is not required. But it is necessary that students at NTA have sufficient English to be able to follow the teaching programme.

What is the annual school fee?
To study in Norway is free of charge indpendent of your nationality but all students have to pay an annual semester fee at 1.200 Norwegian kroner. The NTA education is free by principle. However, students must cover up to NOK 4.000 for their teaching material per study year.
Teaching material at the NTA includes performances, art exhibitions and related travel costs. Students are requested to pay for tickets and travel costs for some performances and art exhibitions defined by the Head of Department.

Do I need a study permit?
If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA and wish to study in Norway, you must apply for a residence permit for studies. This is also called a study permit. Find more information on the webage of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) at this link. 

To be considered as a candidate for the BA-courses, is there need for any particular qualifications?
There is no necessity  for any previous degree. The acceptance is determined through entrance exams.

Can I apply online?
You will only be able to apply online via Søknadsweb. Go to login.
All communication with applicants will be on email.

Are all BA applicants invited to audition?
All applicants for the acting programme with complete applications are invited to auditions.
For applicants to the scenography program there will be a preselection based on their portfolio.

What is it necessary to hand in together with the BA application?
Information about applications for both programs can be found on this page.

At the auditions for the BA acting programme, will there be anyone present to assist with light and sound?
There is one set lighting for all and there is some basic equipment available. As for the sound setting you will have to manage this yourself.  

Do I need to bring my own props for the audition?
All props, except chairs and tables, must be brought to the auditions by each applicant.

If I am invited to acting audition, can I make my presentation in any other language than English?
Yes, you are free to choose language. Students are evaluated from many different perspectives. But do also mote that some jury members are only English speaking. The auditions will proceed in English language.

If I am invited to an audition, does NTA offer housing?
NTA do not offer housing to applicants but we will provide you with some practical information for travel/arrival and where to look for housing.

For other questions email studier-fred@hiof.no