How to plan your travel, stay and audition

The information on this page contains practical info for those who are invited to further entrance exams in Norway.

We are looking forward to seeing you here soon. We have put together some practical information for you that we hope will make it easier for you to plan your travel and stay in Norway.

DESTINATION: Fredrikstad

Note that the auditions take place in Fredrikstad and NOT in Halden which is a completely different town and only the postal address referred to in the application form.
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Arriving by plane there are two alternatives:


The airport bus express (Flybussekspressen) drives tour/detour to Fredrikstad every day. The bus departures from the airport and arrives at the main bus station in Fredrikstad. The bus ride Gardermoen to Fredrikstad takes about two hours.



This airport is situated on the other side of the Oslofjord so you must either:
Book bus ticket

Go to Oslo and then from there to Fredrikstad by bus/train. You can go by train from the station Sandefjord lufthavn Torp to Oslo and then continue on another train from Oslo to Fredrikstad.

Book train

If you are already in Oslo you can go to Fredrikstad by train or by bus.
Book bus


The University College do not provide accommodation during the auditions but there are several places where you can book a room in short distance from the campus. Some alternatives are:


  • Fredrikstad Apartment Hotel in 10 minutes walking distance from campus.
  • Fredrikstad Motel & Camping. This is situated outside the city center but in walking distance to the Academy. From here, you will need to take the ferryboat across the river.This motel offers single/family and group accommodation.
  • Scandic Hotel in the City centre, 5-10 minutes walking distance.
  • Hotel Victoria, also in the City centre and a 10-15 minutes walk away.


If you come from a country outside the EU/EEA and wish to come to Norway, for auditions you must apply for a visitor's visa.  You can easily find the requirements of the student by entering the name of your country on this page.


Applicants must make their own travel- and accident insurance arrangements when attending the auditions.

The Norwegian Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, is part of the Norwegian state university education system. Insurance arrangements for students or applicants are not established within this system.

For this reason Norwegian education institutions do not supply any kind of insurance for students or applicants.This means applicants will have to provide private insurance in case of injuries/incidents/accidents that might occur during the entrance auditions.

Applicants from the EEA/EU countries must bring a European Health Insurance Card. Before departure this card must be issued by the relevant health insurance authority in the applicant’s home country. If this document is not available, you must present alternative documentation to show adequate medical insurance in your home country.


Meet in the main reception in Fredrikstad at 10:00 on your given date.

  • For presentation of Task 1 you will have a 5X5 meter area at your disposal  in front of the jury. A white light (wash) has been pre-rigged, as well as some light focusing on the performance area. This rig is the same for all applicants, and it is  not possible to make individual adjustments. The floor is wooden theatre floor, painted black.
  • It is possible to play sound/music from different sources (for example CD-player, cell phone, tablet) via mini-jack.
  • Due to a strict time schedule applicants cannot rely on time for rigging any kind of scenography or making other preparations of the room for their presentation
  • All special effects (such as pyrotechnics, open flame etc.) must be approved by Norwegian Theatre Academy prior to the presentation
  • You cannot rely on assistance from technicians at Norwegian Theatre Academy prior to or during their presentation
  • You will have a maximum of 10 minutes available for their first audition (3 minute presentation of Task 1, and 7 minutes for an interview with the jury)


Meet in the main reception in Fredrikstad at 10:00 on your given date.

  • You must be present at 10:00 on the 26th. We will start with registration and an information meeting.
  • You will be introduced to several tasks during the entrance exams and. These will require your full attendance from 10:00 in the morning to about 20:00 - all three days.
  • On the 28th it might be that you finish at 19:00.

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