MA in Scenography

MA in Scenography: Additional information for applicants to Norwegian Theatre Academy

Regarding documentation requirements at Østfold Univeristy College:

  • Norwegian Theatre Academy has no formal English language requirement, even if the teaching language is English.
  • Norwegian Theatre Academy does not demand proof of funding when submitting applications. However, applicants from countries outside of the EU/EEA must submit proof of funding when applying for a study permit.

Regarding interviews at Norwegian Theatre Academy:

  • In the admission process, applicants who best satisfy the criterias (phase 2) will proceed to the interviews (phase 3).
  • These interviews are digital, and will be held during the first half of April.
  • Selected applicants will receive invitations to interviews during the last half of March.

If you have questions regarding the application or the interviews that is not answered here or at the admission page, please contact:

NB! If you apply to both programmes you need to send documentation and fulfill the requirements for both programmes. See details in the application form.