Akademi for scenekunst

Norwegian Theatre Academy offers a research and study environment in performance, scenography and theatre in the expanded field. Students inquire into the intersections of art and society with internationally practicing guest artists and faculty. Values informing the education rely on listening, collaboration, staying with failure, re-imagining material relations, excavation and play.

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Master i Scenografi
Master i Performance
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Bachelorstudier 2019
Masterstudier 2019
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Bachelor i Scenografi
Bachelor i Skuespill
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24 jan.
14:30, Oslo + Fredrikstad
25 jan.
Oslo + Fredrikstad

Aktuelle saker

  • waterfrontsva - Handler ikke om å dekorere 5. des. 2019

    «Scenografi betyr å iscenesette, det er å skape et tomrom og presist definere en åpenhet eller å lage et potensiale hvor ting kan utvikle seg.», sa professor Serge von Arx da han deltok i en debatt om arkitektur i regi av NRK.

  • electa-ed Performing Futures: Reconsidering Voice Training 26. nov. 2019

    Through her research Electa Behrens, associate professor of voice and acting at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, calls for a re-envisioning of traditional voice training, emphasizing that pedagogy needs to adapt to intra-cultural contexts.

  • patriciaed New Artistic Research Collaboration with Royal Conservatoire Birmingham 26. nov. 2019

    “Documenting Music with Non-Sonic Elements“

  • 74624091_10156880314717833_7747709389498220544_o MA Performance Works 18. nov. 2019

    Six individual MA Performance students will share part of phase one of their research, in a series of open events this fall. NTA’s study plan for the MA Performance research project is organised as a series of public events happening between fall and spring of the second year of the course, organised in two phases, rather than a single final MA production.

    * Please notice that two of the sharings are presented at Litteraturhuset, and the other four sharings are presented at Norwegian Theatre Academy. All of them in Fredrikstad.