Aktuelle saker

  • petros Petros Lappas: LungsMachine 30. juni 2020 11:28

    Master student in Scenography Petros Lappas presents his final MA project. LungsMachine is a short experimental video now released for the public.

  • 4f8be3d2-4923-4f2f-82cd-87e54463f68c Graduation 4. juni 2020 20:36

    A special day in special times. Today we virtually celebrated the graduation of all nine MA students that have been with us for the last two years. Congratulations!

  • ih_4(foto-bard-halvorsen) Viva Voce: Ingvild Holm 27. mai 2020 19:27

    Welcome to artistic research fellow Ingvild Holm's digital Viva Voce (dispute) on June 10 at 12:00. In this public event, she will conclude her artistic research project Space Automatism by discussion and reflection with the assessment committee. Due to the current situation, the event will be live-streamed.

  • ingvild-ma Ingvild Isaksen: A Space Journey 22. mai 2020 09:30

    May 22-May 24: Master student in Scenography Ingvild Isaksen presents her final MA project . A Space Journey is the first work in her overarching project Arkivet in which she is exploring alternative methods of documenting spaces through an embodying practice of scenography, negotiating awareness between our surroundings and our own bodies. Arkivet is a growing source of material generated from these methods.