Karmenlara Ely Seidman

Karmenlara Ely Seidman

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Karmenlara Ely is Artistic Director of Acting at Østfold University College / Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad. Before moving to Norway, Karmenlara taught theater studies as a full-time faculty at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where she holds a PhD in Performance Studies.   She collaborates as a performer, creator, dramaturge and scenographer on theater, festival and performance works in New York, Europe and the Caribbean. She is co-editor of "Infinite Record: Archive Memory Performance"  and  "Responsive Listening: Theater Training for Contemporary Spaces"  both released in collaboration with Brooklyn Arts Press. 




Doktorgrad / Ph.D.
  • Doktorgrad:

    PhD Performance studies, New York University 2008

  • Hovedfag/Master:

    MA Performance studies, New York University, Tisch school of the Arts, 2001



  • Estetiske fag, skuespill, kunst- og musikkfag: (Gir ekspertkommentarer)


Project Leader 2012-2014 for "Infinite Record: Archive Memory and Performance" a 3 year international artistic research project of performance and memory, funded by program for kunsternisk utviklingsarbeid with international partners Anna Kohler and Jay Schieb, MIT, Claire Hind and Gary Winters, York St John UK and Petra Meyer and Arnold Dreyblatt, University of Kiel, Germany.

Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway):



 Infinite Record: Archive, Memory, Performance Co-Edited with Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann, Brooklyn Arts Press, New York. 2016.  

Responsive Listening: Theater Training for Contemporary Spaces Co-editor with Camilla Eeg-Tverbakk, Brooklyn Arts Press, New York. 2015. 

 "Performing the Kid" : SceSams large, small interaktivtetsbok 2014. SceSams - interactive dramaturgy in dramatic art for children, Oslo, Edited by Lisa Nagel

 "Dreaming with Others" in Trinidad Carnival Photos (Monograph of the work of Jeffery Chock) Medianet, Port of Spain 2006

"The Call of the Wise Baby in Chaplin's' The Kid '' Women and Performance: Falling Vol. 14, No. 1 # 27 2004 Eds. Michelle Dent and MJ Thompson. Routledge.

 "Trembling in the Archive" Moving Bodies- Performance Research Volume 8, No. 4, December 2003. Eds. David Williams and Ric Allsopp. Routledge.


Råd og utvalg:

2013-present, Norwegian Program for Artistic Research (PKU) Assessment Committee member for project applications and fellows, and research fellow advisor 

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