Departement Board

The Departement Board consists of :

  • The Dean
  • Five representatives elected by and from the teaching and research staff
  • Two students

If there are five or more employees in technical / administrative positions at the department, a representative of and among the technical / administrative staff shall be elected instead of one of the representatives of the teaching and research staff.

The departmental board selects the chair and the deputy chair. Decisions are taken by a simple majority. When voting equality, the leader has a double vote.

The dean is responsible for the department's secretarial function.

Member of the Department Board in the period 1st of January 2017 til the 31st of December 2020:

Teaching and research staff:
Harald Borgebund (nestleder)
Henrik Sætra
Daniel Lees Fryer
Rania Maktabi
Kristin Føsker Hagemann (leder)
Trond Hammervoll (dekan)

Fredrik Flingtorp
Petter Gåsland

Peter Langemeyer
Frode Hübertz Haaland
Ingebjørg Mellegård
Mari Kjos Hellum
Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal