Research & Development (R&D) Committee

Mandate and composition

The departments R&D committee is the coordinating and advisory body for the dean in matters relating to research and dissemination of research. The committee supports the dean in the process of setting the department's goals and long-term efforts within R&D and work to achieve the department's R&D goals.

The R&D Committee is responsible for:
Develop a R&D strategy for the department that is in accordance with the university college strategic plan
Take the initiative to form and follow up the operation of R&D groups at the department

The R&D Committee deals with:
Applications for research and publishing support/stipends
Applications for funding from the research groups
Other applications for funding for research-related purposes

The R&D Committee carries out evaluations of applications for R&D funds and provide a recommendation to the dean. The dean decides whether R&D term / R&D funds can be granted.

Composition and function time
The R&D committee consists of the department's research leader, and a representative from each of the department's research areas, a student representative and a representative of the library.

The representatives from the department's research areas are the leaders of the research groups. They choose their own deputy representative among their colleagues in their research group.
The department's study leaders meet in committee as needed.

For R&D managers, their term of office follows their appointment period. For research group leader, the term of office ends when their role as research group leader ends.

The library representative is appointed by the library management.
The student representative is appointed by the dean after the authority for this has been delegated from the Student Council. The administration will appoint a secretary for the committee.

The R&D committee is chaired by the department's R&D leader.

Notice, minutes and filing
The R&D leader is responsible for preparing matters to be included in the meetings. The chair of the committee is also responsible for convening meetings, and the notice must be sent out at least one week before the meeting. Case papers can be forwarded or presented at the meeting if necessary. Notice and minutes of the R&D Committee meetings shall be placed on the intranet and sent to archives.

With some adaptation to the department's uniqueness, this mandate is based on the mandate approved by the Head of the University College on the 07.01.15.

General guidelines for all committees

Collaboration with other committees
Joint meetings between committee secretaries / leaders in local committees shall be held, at least once each semester
When planning academic days / courses / seminars, other committees (central and local) should be informed early in the planning phase, and the possibility of collaboration with other committees should be explored and sought.
Minutes of committee meetings shall be distributed to / made known to other committees (central and local)

Student representatives
New student representatives will be offered a joint training seminar for committee work. This will also be available to employee representatives.
Students will be offered an interview with the leader / secretary for introduction to the relevant committee's area of ​​responsibility and form of work.
Student representatives must be offered a certificate when they leave the committee.

Function Description
All new representatives should receive a job description
The job description must contain information on expectations of participation