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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lana Berglund Berglund, Lana Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608371
Picture of Rita Duesund Duesund, Rita Head of Studies / Programme Coordinator +4769608026 +4791552335
Eufinger, Johanna Lisa External Affiliation +4769608333
Picture of Trond Hammervoll Hammervoll, Trond Dean +4769608454 +4790923468
Kleiva, Julie Sandberg Associate Professor +4769608246
Mikkelsen, Robert Lewis Associate Professor +4769608317 +4748273457
Negaard, Arve Assistant Professor
Norvald, Egil Herman Associate Professor +4769608323
Picture of Monica Poza Dieguez Poza Dieguez, Monica Associate Professor
Rekdal, Eddie Flatmo Associate Professor
Picture of Danuta Aniela Tomczak Tomczak, Danuta Aniela Associate Professor +4769608150