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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lene Kirstine Korseberg Korseberg, Lene Kirstine Assistant Professor +4769608471
Kure, Astrid Elisabeth Assistant Professor +4769608302
Picture of Sigmund Kvam Kvam, Sigmund Professor +4769608303
Langemeyer, Peter Professor +4769608304 +4798413838
Picture of Elin Strand Larsen Larsen, Elin Strand Associate Professor +4769608178 Media, Journalism, Political Scandals, Female Politicians, Rhetoric, Apologia
Lenkova, Ekaterina Assistant Professor +4769608144
Picture of Sondre Lindahl Lindahl, Sondre Associate Professor +4769608265
Lundemo, Frode Associate Professor +4769608309 +4795872126
Picture of Rania Maktabi Maktabi, Rania Associate Professor +4769608183
Picture of Ingebjørg Merete Mellegård Mellegård, Ingebjørg Merete Associate Professor +4769608315
Mikkelsen, Robert Lewis Associate Professor +4769608317 +4748273457
Picture of Jan Moren Moren, Jan Associate Professor +4769608319 +4747884797
Mosenson, Marcos Fabian Assistant Professor
Picture of Lilja Mosesdottir Mosesdottir, Lilja Professor +4769608415
Picture of Gro Anita Myklevold Myklevold, Gro Anita Assistant Professor +4769608320 English Teaching and Learning, Multilingualism, Multilingual Classrooms
Negaard, Arve Assistant Professor
Picture of Erlend Ingridsønn Nordrum Nordrum, Erlend Ingridsønn Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608442
Nordrum, Lene Assistant Professor +4769608478
Norvald, Egil Herman Associate Professor +4769608323
Picture of Franck Orban Orban, Franck Associate Professor +4769608141 European politics, French politics, Populism, Extremism, terrorism, European security policy