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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Ese, Jo Assistant Professor +4769608396
Foss, Pål Yngve Associate Professor +4769608213
Frostenson, Magnus Professor +4769608089
Picture of Daniel Lees Fryer Fryer, Daniel Lees Associate Professor +4769608263
Gjesdal, Anje Müller Associate Professor +4769608232 +4741507342
Grønn, Berit Associate Professor +4769608267
Gundersen, Tom Bjørge Assistant Professor +4769608268
Hagemann, Kristin Føsker Associate Professor +4769608152 +4799484369
Hellum, Mari Kjos Assistant Professor +4769608277
Haaland, Frode Hübertz Associate Professor +4769608270
Picture of Ivar Jonsson Jonsson, Ivar Professor +4769608163
Picture of Annette Maria Myre Jørgensen Jørgensen, Annette Maria Myre Professor +4769608423
Kelly, Wayne Assistant Professor
Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom Associate Professor +4769608456
King, Roswitha Maria Berta Professor +4769608293
Picture of Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal Kivedal, Bjørnar Karlsen Associate Professor +4769608294 +000000
Picture of Karen Sue Patrick Knutsen Knutsen, Karen Sue Patrick Professor +4769608144 +4741611787
Kure, Astrid Elisabeth Assistant Professor +4769608302
Kvam, Sigmund Professor +4769608303
Kvifte, Martin Andreas External Affiliation