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Name Position Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Irina Nikolskaja Roddvik Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja Associate Professor +4769608211
Picture of Marjo-Riitta Rynning Rynning, Marjo-Riitta Associate Professor +4769608336 +4769215000 Marketing research, Competition, Evaluation
Schewe, Theo Associate Professor +4769608153 +4792811665
Picture of Sol Skinnarland Skinnarland, Sol Associate Professor +4769608425
Picture of Elin Sørum Skjeklesæter Skjeklesæter, Elin Sørum Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608172
Picture of Egil Jostein Skorstad Skorstad, Egil Jostein Professor Emeritus
Solfjeld, Kåre Professor +4769608341
Staksrud, Kathrine Assistant Professor +4769608126
Stensrud, Monica Assistant Professor +4769608416
Svenhard, Britt Wenche Professor +4769608348
Syvertsen, Carsten Martin Associate Professor +4769608350
Picture of Henrik Skaug Sætra Sætra, Henrik Skaug Associate Professor +4769608118
Sørensen, Charlotte Doctoral Research Fellow +4769608171
Tomczak, Danuta Aniela Associate Professor +4769608150
Picture of Geir Conrad Tufte Tufte, Geir Conrad Associate Professor +4769608356
Picture of Elin-Sofie Nesje Vestli Vestli, Elin-Sofie Nesje Professor +4769608139 +4795029337
Picture of Johanna M. Wagner Wagner, Johanna M. Professor +4769608361
Picture of Søren Henrik Wenstøp Wenstøp, Søren Henrik Associate Professor +4769608417
Wessalowski, Jan Assistant Professor +4769608149
Winther, Trond Associate Professor +4769608254