Daniel Lees Fryer

Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences
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Academic interests

Linguistics, social semiotics, multimodality, discourse analysis; scientific/medical discourse, the discourse of social movements, human-nonhuman animal relations

Courses taught


I teach English at the Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences. I have a PhD in linguistics from the University of Gothenburg and master degrees in English language and publishing studies from the University of Oslo and the University of Stirling. 


  • Member of faculty board (link in Norwegian)
  • Coordinator for English foundation course (link in Norwegian), English extension course (link in Norwegian), and bachelor in society, language, and culture (link in Norwegian)
  • Union representative for Norwegian Association of Researchers (Forskerforbundet)


Member of Nordic Society for Systemic Functional Linguistics and Social Semiotics and International Systemic Functional Linguistics Association 

Peer review work for Text & Talk and Functions of Language


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  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2019). #AllCatsAreBeautiful: Visual-Verbal Representations of Cats in Online Liberationist Discourses. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2019). Anti-universitet nå!. Khrono.no.  ISSN 1894-8995.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2019). Engagement in Medical Research Discourse: A Multisemiotic Discourse-Semantic Study of Dialogic Positioning. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2019). Ludditter?. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.  s 21- 21
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2019). Peterloo: «Dere er mange, de er få». radikalportal.no.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2017). Brexit: Hvor ble det av venstresida?. radikalportal.no.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2017). ¡No pasarán! (Re)enacting the Battle of Cable Street on Social Media. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2016). Coffee and cinnamon buns: on the deployment and intersemiotic potential of smell. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2016). Slaget ved Cable Street – en seier for antifascismen. radikalportal.no.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2015). Samuel Beckett og akademisk skriving: Fordeler med å skrive på et andre- eller fremmedspråk, I: Kari Mari Jonsmoen & Marit Greek (red.),  Språkmangfold i utdanningen.  Gyldendal Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-05-46026-3.  Kapittel 6.  s 97 - 108 Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2014). Review of "Reading Visual Narratives: Image Analysis of Children’s Picture Books" (2013) by Painter, Martin, and Unsworth. Linguistics and the Human Sciences.  ISSN 1742-2906.  10(3), s 312- 321 . doi: 10.1558/lhs.v10i3.19618
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2014). Review of Verdaguer, Isabel, Natalia Judith Laso, and Danica Salazar (Eds). 2013. Biomedical English: A Corpus-based Approach. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Nordic Journal of English Studies.  ISSN 1654-6970.  13(3), s 218- 227
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees & Patel, Tulpesh (2014). Conference organizers for Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes (NFEAP) 8th Summer Seminar.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Heteroglossic engagement and generic staging in English-language medical research articles. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). "Music is in everything": using sound to present (and perform) data in academic-literacies research. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Review of Painter, Martin, and Unsworth (2013) "Reading Visual Narratives: Image Analysis of Children's Picture Books". Linguistlist.  ISSN 1068-4875.  24(2565)
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Review of Pérez-Llantada (2012) "Scientific Discourse and the Rhetoric of Globalization". Linguistlist.  ISSN 1068-4875.  24(565)
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Samuel Beckett og akademisk skriving: mulige fordeler med å skrive på et fremmedspråk i en akademisk kontekst. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Sonifying the Higgs: choice and coding orientation in the sonification of data. Show summary
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Story of an image: notes on the recontextualization of a digital research-article figure. Show summary
  • Gulden, Ann Torday; Patel, Tulpesh & Fryer, Daniel Lees (2013). Conference organizers for Norwegian Forum for English for Academic Purposes (NFEAP) 7th Summer Seminar.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2012). Whose voice is it, anyway? Voice, positioning, and expectation in academic writing.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2011). Engaging with the literature, engaging with the reader: evaluation in academic writing.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2011). Exploring the dialogism of academic discourse: appraisal in a multimodal corpus of medical research articles.
  • Fryer, Daniel Lees (2011). Tale + skrift ≈ sant. Klassekampen.  ISSN 0805-3839.
  • Gulden, Ann Torday; Fryer, Daniel Lees & Solli, Kristin (2010). 'Not too happy, but I just have to do it':Challenges in using English as method of instruction.

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