Harald Borgebund

Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences
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Academic interests

My main interests are democratic theory and liberal political philosophy.

Courses taught

I teach the following two courses:

Politisk analyse: https://www.hiof.no/studier/emner/oss/2018/host/sfs11218.html
Offentlig politikk og administrasjon: https://www.hiof.no/studier/emner/oss/2019/var/sfs11518.html


I did my Ma and PhD at the University of York (UK) and finished my PhD on the relationship between liberal theories of justice and democracy in July 2009. At the same time I started teaching at the NLA Høgskolen in Bergen where I taught until 2015 when I started in my current position as Associate Professor in Political Science at Østfold University College.

Positions held

  • Member of HiØ's Complaint and Disciplinary Committee
  • Chairman of the ØSS Faculty board





  • Borgebund, Harald (2015). Modus vivendi versus public reason and liberal equality: three approaches to liberal democracy. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy.  ISSN 1369-8230.  18(5), s 564- 575 . doi: 10.1080/13698230.2014.886756
  • Borgebund, Harald (2015). Demokratisk danning: realistisk eller idealistisk demokratisyn?, I: Kjetil Børhaug; Odd Ragnar Hunnes & Åshild Samnøy (red.),  Spadestikk i samfunnsfagdidaktikken.  Fagbokforlaget.  ISBN 9788245015485.  Kapittel 4.  s 87 - 102
  • Borgebund, Harald (2015). The tense and complex relationship between liberalism and the welfare state. Swiat idei i Polityki.  ISSN 1643-8442.  12, s 194- 216

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