Marjo-Riitta Rynning

Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences
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Academic interests

Evaluation studies, strategic change, dynamic competition, market and marketing research

Courses taught

  • DePaul University, Chicago: Marketing Management (Master and Bachelor), Marketing Decision Making (Master), Strategy and Planning in Marketing (Master), Cases in Advanced Marketing (Bachelor), Introduction to Marketing Research (Bachelor), Consumer Behavior (Bachelor). Teaching Language: English.
  • Nordland College, Bodø: Marketing Research (Master). Teaching Language: Norwegian/Swedish.
  • Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen: Research Design and Methods (PhD), Industrial Marketing (Master and Bachelor), International Marketing Research (Master). Teaching Language: English and Norwegian, respectively.
  • Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki: Strategic Planning and Decision-Making in Marketing (Master), Consumer Behavior (Bachelor), Computer-Based Marketing (Master). Teaching Language: English.
  • Agder College, Kristiansand: International Marketing Research (Master), Internationalization (Master), Strategy (together with Johnny Holbek; Bachelor). Teaching Language: English and Norwegian, respectively.
  •  Åbo Akademi University, School of Engineering, Turku: Strategic Marketing Management (Master), Product Development and Marketing of New Products (Master), Project Management (Bachelor), Organisation and Team Building (Bachelor), Production Economics (Bachelor), Seminar in Industrial Management (Master). Teaching Language: Swedish.
  • Østfold College, Halden: Introduction to Management Accounting (together with Egil Norvald; Bachelor), Marketing and Strategy (Bachelor), Topics in Business and Economics Seminar (Bachelor), Introduction to Marketing (Bachelor).  Teaching Language: Norwegian (and English).

Thesis advisor (at the above schools on levels taught at the specific schools): Doctoral theses, «høyere avdelings» theses/lic.theses, Master’s theses (Business and  Engineering), and Bachelor theses.


I have a PhD in Marketing and Managerial Economics from Northwestern University in U.S.A. and Master of Management in Accounting and Finance from the same university. In addition, I have a Master in Business Administration and a Master in International Relations and International Law.

The title of my doctoral thesis is: The Influence of Price on Product Evaluation: An Information Processing Perspective.

In between several short-term teaching engagements with numerous new course preparations in ever changing languages, I have used my experience from several research assistant years in graduate schools in working as a Senior Researcher in applied research projects for IØI/NØI/SNF in Bergen and TØI in Oslo. I have also worked as a Senior Consultant in MMI/RI selling research know-how, pricing, budgeting, analysing, and presenting projects for firms and other organizations in Norway and abroad. My latest permanent job in a business organization was in Telenor, where I first worked as a Senior Analyst at the business research unit of the Mobile division, later on in the loyalty program, and direct marketing. After reorganization, I ended up working for the Central Norwegian Marketing Strategy department.


  • Teacher Award, Åbo Akademi University.


  • Curriculum Committee, DePaul University
  • UKU Committee (Quality in teaching), Østfold College
Tags: Marketing research, Competition, Evaluation


  • Borgersen, Trond Arne & Rynning, Marjo (2019). Reflections on Credit Market Incentives in a Small Open Economy with a Dominant Market Player. The Case of Norwegian Banking. International Journal of Economics and Business.  ISSN 1948-5166.  7(1 & 2), s 43- 62 Full text in Research Archive.
  • Rynning, Marjo (2019). Prerequisites for niche savings bank's survival: Unattractive economic statistical outlook, but positive political support in the local municipality, In Franck Orban & Elin Strand Larsen (ed.),  Discussing Borders, Escaping Traps: Transdisciplinary and Transspatial Approaches.  Waxmann Verlag.  ISBN 978-3-8309-4045-6.  Chapter.  s 199 - 215
  • Rynning, Marjo (2017). The Influence of New Technology on the Home Market Competition and the Strategies Chosen by Norwegian Savings Banks in 2000–2010. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE).  ISSN 0143-6570.  38(2), s 252- 276 . doi: 10.1002/mde.2774
  • Rynning, Marjo (2014). Kan våre studenter lære mer hvis vi forteller dem mindre?. UNIPED.  ISSN 1893-8981.  37(3), s 49- 62 . doi: 10.3402/uniped.v37.21857
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  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta & Andersen, Otto (1992). The capabilities, co-operation and diversification connection, In  Marketing for Europe - marketing for future: Proceedings of the 21st annual conference of the European Marketing Academy.  EMAC.  ISBN 8789695070.  artikkel.
  • Andersen, Otto & Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1991). An empirical illustration of an alternative approach to measuring the market power and high-profit hypothesis. International Journal of Industrial Organization.  ISSN 0167-7187.  9(2), s 239- 249 . doi: 10.1016/0167718705800050
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  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1989). Reciprocity in a gift-giving situation. Journal of Social Psychology.  ISSN 0022-4545.  129(6), s 769- 778 . doi: 10.1080/00224545.1989.9712085
  • Amburgey, Terry L.; Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta & Kelly, Dawn (1988). Suppression and failure in the political press: government control, party affiliation, and organizational life chances, In Glenn R. Carroll (ed.),  Ecological Models of Organizations.  Ballinger Publishing Company.  ISBN 0887302084.  Chapter 9.  s 153 - 173

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  • Rynning, Marjo (2006). A stated preference study among norwegian decision-makers in urban transport issues - hypotheses. Arbeidsdokument - Transportøkonomisk institutt. OI/1891/2006.
  • Rynning, Marjo (2006). A stated preference study among norwegian decision-makers in urban transport issues - sample and method. Arbeidsdokument - Transportøkonomisk institutt. OI/1892/2006.
  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1994). Optimal pricing og telecommunication services.
  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1993). Eksportbedrifter i Bergensregionen: en undersøkelse av industribedrifters koplinger til det lokale næringslivet.
  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1993). Næringsmiddelindustrien i Bergensregionen.
  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1991). Typiske konsulentoppdrag og vellykkete konsulentoppdrag: konsulenters og klienters synspunkter.
  • Johnstad, Tom; Lorentzen, Torbjørn & Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1990). Kunnskapsformidlere i Norge.
  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1990). Norske empiriske evalueringsstudier om effekter av distrikts- og regionalpolitiske virkemidler i foretaks-/bedriftsrettede virkemidler.
  • Rynning, Marjo-Riitta (1990). Overføring av konsulentkunnskap til SMB og store klienter: konsulentfirmaers synspunkt.
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  • Andersen, Otto & Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta (1987). Evaluering av markedsføringstilskudd: sammendrag og synspunkter.
  • Lehtisalo, Marjo-Riitta (1986). The influence of price on product evaluation: an information processing perspective.

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