Nazareth Amlesom Kifle

Faculty of Business, Languages and Social Sciences
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  • Whitworth, Andrew; Torras Calvo, Maria-Carme; Moss, Bodil & Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom (2016). How groups talk information literacy into being. Communications in Computer and Information Science.  ISSN 1865-0929.  676, s 109- 118 . doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-52162-6_11
  • Whitworth, Andrew; Torras Calvo, Maria-Carme; Moss, Bodil; Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom & Blåsternes, Terje (2016). Mapping the landscape of practice across library communities. portal: Libraries and the Academy.  ISSN 1531-2542.  16(3), s 557- 579 . doi: 10.1353/pla.2016.0034
  • Whitworth, Andrew; Torras Calvo, Maria-Carme; Moss, Bodil; Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom & Blåsternes, Terje (2015). Mapping collective information practices in the workplace, In Serap Kurbanoğlu; Joumana Boustany; Sonja Špiranec; Esther Grassian; Diane Mizrachi & Loriene Roy (ed.),  Information literacy: moving toward sustainability.  Springer.  ISBN 978-3-319-28197-1.  Mapping Collective Information Practices in the Workplace.  s 49 - 58
  • Whitworth, Andrew; Torras Calvo, Maria Carme; Moss, Bodil; Amlesom Kifle, Nazareth & Blåsternes, Terje (2014). Changing libraries: facilitating self-reflection and action research on organizational change in academic libraries. New Review of Academic Librarianship.  ISSN 1361-4533.  20(2), s 251- 274 . doi: 10.1080/13614533.2014.912989 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom (2008). Object asymmetri properties in Tigrinya applicative constructions, In Gard Buen Jenset; Øystein Imerslund Heggelund; Margrete Dyvik Cardona; Stephanie Hazel Wold & Anders Alvsåker Didriksen (ed.),  Linguistics in the making: Selected papers from the second Scandinavian PhD conference in linguistics and philology in Bergen, June 4--6, 2007.  Novus Forlag.  ISBN 978-82-7099-504-2.  6:2.  s 331 - 358
  • Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom (2007). Differential Object Marking and Topicality in Tigrinya. Proceedings of the LFG-conference.  ISSN 1098-6782.  s 05- 25
  • Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom (2005). Corpora as sociolinguistics data: methodological issue. Nordica Bergensia.  ISSN 0804-5372.  33, s 5- 20

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  • Amlesom Kifle, Nazareth; Bjørneset, Tove; Reigem, Øystein & Sørensen, Sindre (red.) (2011). Norsk-tigrinja (tigrinsk) illustrert ordbok. Utdanningsdirektoratet.  ISBN 978-82-486-0404-4.  650 s.
  • Kifle, Nazareth Amlesom (2002). Epistemic modality in arguementative essays of second-language learners. Taylor & Francis.  ISBN 9780582418875.  -182195 s.

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