Politics, Political Economy and Digitalisation

The group’s aims and organisation:

  • The aim of the research group is to gather experts with interest in research in the fields of political science, political economy and digitalisation. The group’s activities constitutes the foundation for a research-based education in Bachelor of Politics, Political Economy and Digitalisation.
  • The research group consists of experts with various competence in the field of PPED. It includes students in its social and academic activities.
  • The group encourages constructive academic dialogue and openness to research themes. It welcomes potential extramural members from outside the Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences and Østfold University College.
  • The group encourages formation of sub-groups and various working-groups that work on specific themes or research projects in the field of PPED. The group organises workshops in which research in the field of PPED is presented.


  • The group disseminates its members’ works on the group’s internet-site and on other relevant forums. Its aim is produce research on high academic level that satisfies the requirements of extinguished scientific journals and publishers.

Examples of group members’ research interests:

  • Environmental ethics and politics
  • Game theory and rational choice
  • Gender studies
  • History and philosophy of social sciences
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • International politics
  • Moral philosophy
  • Political economy
  • Political theory
  • Religion and politics
  • Rhetoric and political communication
  • Social implication of technical change
  • The Middle East
  • Theories of democracy


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