China-Norway Researcher Network (CNRN)

The group aims to develop multi-disciplinary expertise in social sciences focusing on different aspects of the Chinese-Norwegian cooperation. The primary objective of the China-Norway Researcher Network (CNRN) is to develop competence regarding the cooperation between China and the EU (especially the Nordic countries) within all kinds of disciplines of business and social sciences relevant to researchers, students, practitioners, and SMEs in the region. 

The China-Norway Researcher Network (CNRN) drives and facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration between researchers at Østfold University College and the external network. The research focus is both on aggregate and on disaggregate parts of the cooperation between China and the Nordic countries. The latter aspect is related to highlighting particular industries and sectors of society where the cooperation is, or has the potential to be, substantial. The main aim of the group is to produce pioneering research published in academic journals. CNRN intends to stimulate a dynamic network between researchers, practitioners, and students, which is beneficial for local business and local society in general, and Østfold University College and its students more specifically. 

As a network centre, this research group aims to build a bridge between theory and practice by implementing research findings into practice, in particular in areas relevant to the local region and local businesses. Therefore, CNRN is willing to provide SMEs in the region with consulting and networking services.

In addition to serving as research and network centre, in line with the internationalization strategy of Østfold University College, CNRN aims to increase the internationalization of Østfold University College in research and teaching through Erasmus Global and SIU Utforsk Projects, by cooperating with Chinese Universities and individual researchers.

Research Areas:
CNRN covers the following thematic research areas: 1) Governance and Political Science 2) Business, Economy, and Finance 3) Innovation, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Digitalization.

Date of Establishment:
Established in April 2018, CNRN starts its activities by bringing researchers at the Faculty of Business, Languages, and Social Sciences (ØSS) at Østfold University College together and collaborating with our existing and prospective partners to create vibrant research and a research-based education environment through Chinese-Norwegian integrated projects.


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